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COVID 19 Update - Watch Sales Manager Jill Roberts talk about Maglin during the COVID pandemic COVID-19 UPDATE
APRIL 2020

We're still here for you! As a manufacturer, we continue to operate as an essential service to meet the needs of our customers. We have implemented internal changes in response to government guidelines to ensure the safest work environment for our production staff and fortunately it is mostly 'business as usual'.
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Site Furniture Selection and Placement Guides Webinar ByWard Market
30 OCTOBER 2019

Ottawa, Ontario is the capital city of Canada and home to the nation's oldest farmer's market - ByWard Market. It is a hub of commerce and entertainment in the community...
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Site Furniture Selection and Placement Guides Webinar LandF/X presents Site Furniture Selection and Placement Guides

Watch Maglin's Industrial Designer Clayton Mousley discuss the importance of site furniture selection and placement during this LandF/X webinar.
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niversity of Chicago Crerar Science Quad Lighting Feature - Photo Credit: Kate Joyce Studios
Photo Credit: Kate Joyce Studios

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies has announced that the University of Chicago Crerar Science Quadrangle has received: THE AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE AWARD for 2019. This is the nation's highest public award given by a non-commerical, non-trade affiliated, public arts, culture and educational institution. Maglin is proud to be the manufacturer of this award-winning custom illuminated structure at The University of Chicago!
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Hotel X Toronto Newsletter Hotel X Toronto
8 MAY 2019

High style and eco-conscious design are often perceived as mutually exclusive. Hotel X Toronto—the latest addition to the Library Hotel Collection’s portfolio of international boutique hotel properties—boldly challenges this assumption...
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Bank of America Newsletter - Historic Crossroads Historic Crossroads - Bank of America Plaza
31 JANUARY 2019

The owners of Bank of America Plaza wanted to offer their tenants even more than a prime location in an iconic building and so, beginning in 2016, they invested in a complete redesign of their street-level presence...
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Whistler Newsletter - Whistler's Cultural Connector Whistler's Cultural Connector
10 DECEMBER 2018

In 2014, as the Resort Municipality of Whistler was planning for the future, they began by looking back at the past. They wanted to highlight another side of their resort town, one that invited people to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty and unexpected history of the breathtaking location...
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Pixel Newsletter - Working Inside Out Working Inside Out
29 OCTOBER 2018

Looking across the vista of an open plan office, there are many elements that please the eye: the unobstructed sightlines that allow you to see the entire team, sleek minimalist work stations accessorized with laptops and travel mugs, and the entire room awash with daylight as there are few partitions to divert it...
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University of Chicago Lighting Feature Elevated Design
University of Chicago - Original Product

26 JULY 2018

To get this ambitious light project off the design page and into the sky it was paramount that the University of Chicago call on trusted and dependable partners. Maglin Site Furniture and Jacobs/Ryan Associates were entrusted to be their collaborative project partners...
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Kingsley Town Center Modern Heirlooms
Historic Urban Mixed-Use Developments

5 JUNE 2018

What is old is cool again! Mixed-use development had fallen out of favor during the twentieth century with the rise of the automobile facilitating widespread suburbanization in North America. Now the pendulum of style is swinging back...
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Connecting people and place Connecting people and place
Cal Poly Dexter Patio Design

10 JANUARY 2018

Educational design is evolving and a trend to more flexible learning spaces is evident. The learning environment is moving beyond the classroom walls and emphasis has been put on the quality of and access to outdoor spaces, to create balance between the indoors and out...
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Millenials and Healthcare Millenials + Healthcare
3 OCTOBER 2017

Born between the early 1980s and late 1990s, the millenial generation is the first to be completely immersed in digital technology. They have grown up in an electronics-filled world, where everything is shared or available at the touch of a screen, or with the tap of a button...
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MLB970-M at Averton Common Building a Solid Foundation
12 JUNE 2017

In a perfect world, schedules would never change and communication would be crystal clear. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and even the best plans can go astray. Construction professionals know this best, and find themselves scrambling when faced with delays or last minute changes. For a contractor, it’s a constant juggling act of budgets, permits, materials, labor, inspections, and more...
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Surfing the Silver Tsunami Surfing the Silver Tsunami
8 JUNE 2017

In the years between 1943 and 1960 North America experienced an era of propsperity and hope. As marriage and employment rates went up, close to 85 million babies were born in North America. The Baby Boom generation had arrived...
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The Battery Chairs Maglin Moves Manhattan
21 MARCH 2017

In June 2016, the Battery Conservancy of New York City proudly cut the ribbon and opened the Battery Oval; the revitalized grand lawn in The Battery (formerly Battery Park), one of Manhattan’s most historic public spaces. The Oval’s new signature outdoor furniture was also debuted. Formed into the shape of a blooming flower, hundreds of blue Battery Chairs filled the Oval that day...
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The University of Chicago Tables The Evolution of the Educational Landscape
27 JANUARY 2017

The education landscape is ever evolving. From the first formal lectures held in medieval universities, to the online mobile classrooms of today, learning spaces are always growing to meet the needs of society; a study lounge can be a classroom; a cafeteria can become a library. Students can work from almost any location, on or off campus...
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MLB1200-W Emory Point, GA Planning for the Holidays
14 OCTOBER 2016

The beginning of autumn often brings cooler nights, back to school shopping and visits to the pumpkin patch. But for some, it also marks the beginning of the winter holiday season. Those in the retail industry know all too well that November and December can make or break their year. It can account for up to 30% of annual sales! While it’s still too early to string up the lights and sing Jingle Bells, now is time to plan for the busiest retail season of all...
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MLB700-W-A at Humber River Hospital Healing Inside and Out
25 JULY 2016

Patient satisfaction is the heart of the Canadian healthcare industry. And it’s more than just a trend; it’s a driving factor to success. With patients expecting partnerships with their doctors, healthcare providers are taking a holistic approach to healing. As a result, medical facilities are finding ways to help expedite both quality medical treatment and positive experiences for patients...
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