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Installation FAQ

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Jul 13, 2023

Installing site furniture is an essential aspect of enhancing outdoor spaces, whether it’s a park, plaza, or urban streetscape. Well-placed and thoughtfully chosen site furniture elements can greatly contribute to the functionality, aesthetics, and overall user experience of a public area. However, proper preparation is crucial to ensure a successful installation process that executes on time and aligns with the project’s goals.

Top 5 Installation Questions

Maglin’s Territory Managers have supported thousands of projects and have shared the answers to the most common installation questions they receive. Dive in!

Q: How do I install a product on pavers?

Product can be installed with a footer or pad underneath and anchors long enough to go through. Avoid drilling near the edges to prevent cracking.

Q: How do I install direct burial if I need to pour concrete and the product is not on site?

A: Get a Sonotube concrete form to earmark the site and pour around it until the product arrives. (Your Maglin contact can provide the resources to ensure you have the correct measurements for the product.)

Q: Do you supply the fastening hardware/anchors?

A: Hardware/anchors are not included with our products due to the differences in site substrate and length needed. Your local hardware supplier may have more affordable options. If a product is being installed where security is an issue, tamper-proof fasteners can be purchased from Maglin.

Q: Does the product come fully assembled?

A: Assembly requirements vary depending on the product. Many of our products, including benches, bike racks, and waste receptacles arrive fully assembled and ready to be placed on site. However, some products will require assembly at the destination before being installed, for example, modular seating like Pixel and Ogden as well as FLEXX panels. Detailed instructions are provided to ensure the products are assembled correctly.



Ensure the surface on which the Maglin products will be assembled does not damage the product finish (think rough concrete, or pavement). Never drag a product; lift up and down only. This will protect the warranty and ensure the product remains resilient to the outdoor elements for years to come.

Q: Do I need something on site to unload the truck?

A: Some products are too large to use the tailgate on a truck and may require a forklift on site to unload. You will be advised ahead of delivery so you can prepare for a smooth receiving process.

  • Two men work together to install a Maglin FLEXX panel on a concrete surface.
  • A man attaches a Maglin FLEXX panel to its bracket outside on a concrete surface.

Installation instructions for many Maglin products can be found on our website any time you need them! This 30-second video shows you exactly where to find them and how to access an instant PDF copy.

Your local Maglin representative is ready to assist you with your unique project and any installation or product questions you may have.