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On-Demand LA CES™ Education Sessions

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On-Demand Education Session: Utilizing EPD Output to Inform Sustainable Site Furniture Selection

Credits: 1 PDH (This course qualifies for HSW)
Registered with 32 industry associations, including: LA CES™, AIA, IDCEC
Hosted by: AEC Daily for Maglin Site Furniture

Third-party environmental product declarations (EPDs), using a life-cycle analysis (LCA) approach, provide a comprehensive analysis and quantification of a product’s sustainability.

This course contains sustainable design information and examines:

  • How EPDs can inform sustainable site furniture selection
  • How the use of sustainable site furniture can contribute to meeting various credit requirements of:
    • LEED® v4.1 Building Design and Construction
    • Sustainable SITES Initiative® v2
    • WELL Building Standard™ version 2

On-Demand Education Session: Digital Design of Configurable Site Furniture Amenities

Credits: LA CES™ – 1 PDH
Speaker: Nathasha Cherian | Product Configuration Specialist, Maglin Site Furniture

Site Furniture is one of the elements that users interact with directly when they enjoy an outdoor space. Designers invest not only their time, but also budget, to select the right products for their project that will serve the user and enhance the site. Digital design tools can save time, help visualize complex configurable designs, and provide flexibility to create countless layouts to adapt to the site’s functional goals. Learn how to navigate the digital design environment and toolkit to create a variety of site furniture amenities.

Short Description

  • Learn how to navigate the digital product design environment
  • Utilize a variety of digital tools to create, edit and save product designs
  • Diversify designs through selection of materials, colors & accessories
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design considerations

On-Demand Education Session: Custom, Modified & Modular: Focus on Site Furniture Manufacturing

Credits: LA CES™ – 1 PDH
Speaker: Jeff Roddick | Territory Manager, Maglin Site Furniture

Site furnishings are a necessary component of many design projects, and most will utilize standard products with great success. However, some projects may benefit from non-standard options to elevate their sites. Learn how to identify when ‘off the shelf’ isn’t the best option and understand the unique process involved in creating Custom, Modified, and Modular products. Interesting case studies show you the planning behind, and design impact of, non-standard site furnishings.

Short Description

  • Identify the features that differentiate custom, modified, and modular site furniture products
  • Understand the different manufacturing requirements between standard products and custom/modified/modular
  • Identify when non-standard products are preferable within a project design
  • Assess and anticipate potential challenges/considerations when ordering non-standard products

On-Demand Education Session: The Design of Outdoor Learning

Credits: LA CES™ – 1 PDH
Speaker: Andrew Coen | Territory Manager, Maglin Site Furniture

Outdoor Learning can provide a dramatic contrast to the indoor classroom and provides learners with innumerable benefits.  However, stimulating outdoor learning environments require special planning with awareness of and reference to learning goals. This course will identify design framework and planning principles to inform the creation of effective outdoor learning spaces.

Short Description

  • Defining outdoor learning including benefits and challenges
  • Exploring the design framework tool for focusing and organizing design thinking about outdoor environments
  • Identifying the planning principles of outdoor learning
  • Considering the impact of climate and rural/urban education settings
  • Site furniture considerations for outdoor classrooms/learning environments

On-Demand Education Session: Site Furniture Selection & Placement

Credits: LA CES™ – 1 PDH (This course qualifies for HSW)
Speaker: Adam Trakinskas | Business Development, Maglin Site Furniture

Furniture is just one component in the design of the public realm. Designers should take into consideration the function and goals of the site by focusing on how people will use the location. Navigation patterns and intent to use the amenities within a space are just as important as the aesthetics of the product itself.   A flexible product provides countless layout opportunities and can adapt to the site’s functional goals.

Short Description

  • Why Placement Matters
  • Product Function and Selection/Product Placement
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) considerations
  • Global Alliance for Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) consideration
  • Placement of Benches/Bike Racks/Tables and Chairs

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