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Maglin Collections

Maglin Site Furniture Collections offer unique styling, from traditional to modern, to complement all outdoor spaces. Bring your site design together with products from our thoughtfully assembled street furniture collections.  Combine products from different collections, mix color and materials for a truly bespoke look.

Ogden Modular Benches and Tables

Transform outdoor spaces with the original MVP of outdoor versatility – the Ogden Collection. With its innovative modularity, Ogden allows you to tailor seating solutions precisely to your space, offering an unmatched level of design flexibility.

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CANOE Modular Planters

The modular planter system that liberates your creativity and lets you craft expressive urban landscape elements for outdoor spaces like streetscapes, roof decks, parks, and courtyards.

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Foro Tables & Seating

The Foro Collection presents a clean, contemporary style developed to stand alone or combine with other Maglin furnishings within interior or exterior spaces. This collection of go-anywhere tables and chairs can be customized in a variety of ways to bring people together on campuses, commercial properties, rooftop terraces, or just about any place imaginable.

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Battery Tables & Seating

Featuring the exclusive chair design of New York’s The Battery Conservancy, this collection delivers fresh, unique design and comfortable ease.

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1050 Collection

Transform the look of your space in a way that fits your style by mixing and matching the 1050 Collection of tables, benches and stools in a variety of sizes, colors and materials. The collection also features a planter and waste/recycle container.

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Pixel Modular Seating

Simple in form and highly versatile in function, Pixel gives you the building blocks to design your ideal space. Pixel’s playful building blocks can be configured for any space with the Maglin Product Builder allowing you to create seating that promotes social interaction and community well-being. And with fast, easy installation and near limitless possibilities for configuration, you can design as your needs evolve-all with Maglin’s signature quality, comfort and sustainability.

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Kontur Tables & Seating

The Kontur Collection offers stylish surfaces with a Scandinavian aesthetic that is simple yet refined, durable and strong. Kontur’s spare lines belie the strength of its welded steel frame – durable enough for years of outdoor use in high-traffic environments.

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Iconic Seating, Tables & Bike Racks

The Iconic Collection delivers the perfect balance of classic style and modern design. Seating, tables and bike racks from the Iconic Collection reference classic form and function while enlivening outdoor spaces with clean and contemporary lines. This fresh collection is suitable for many environments, from the traditional park to modern streetscapes.

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Flexx Stylized Panels

Inspired by the need to balance togetherness and privacy in our shared environments, FLEXX panels enable the transformation of a singular space into beautifully segmented zones. Perfect for creating an airy outdoor room, highlighting a row of plantings with sunlight-filtering wall, or drawing attention to a design focal point – FLEXX panels are a design tool that responds to the heights of your imagination.

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ALUM Tables & Seating

We’ve thought through every detail in the ALUM Collection, giving you a contemporary line of outdoor furniture that’s flexible, movable and durable enough to stand up to all the elements. Each ALUM piece starts with a single sheet of aluminum resulting in a super-slim profile and captivatingly clean lines.

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L-Series Benches & Tables

Choose between backed and backless benches in two different lengths. Optional end and center arms are easy to add to a standard bench and built wide for maximum comfort. The mild steel formed plate follows the same lines of the bench support ends for a consistent lounging look.

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