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The building blocks of great design

What defines the perfect space? Does it bring people together, forge new connections and instill a strong sense of community? Is it a place for colleagues and classmates to share ideas, for friends to catch up over lunch, or simply a place to be alone in a crowd?

With the Pixel Collection from Maglin, you don’t have to choose. Simple in form and highly versatile in function, Pixel gives you the building blocks to design your ideal space. Pixel’s playful building blocks can be configured for any space with the Maglin Product Builder allowing you to create seating that promotes social interaction and community well-being. And with fast, easy installation and near limitless possibilities for configuration, you can design as your needs evolve-all with Maglin’s signature quality, comfort and sustainability.

Refer to Maglin’s Layout Gallery for some design inspiration and pre-defined Pixel layouts. To download files, head over to the Product Data – Resource Library and search for Pixel.

  • Tall Pixel Blocks with Wood Tops, Lounge Back and Planters
  • Tall and Short Pixel blocks with wood tops and a planter
  • U Shape Pixel Layout with Wood Tops and Row of Planters
  • Pixel blocks with backs and planters
  • Pixel blocks with planters in center

The Pixel Collection’s platform base blocks are constructed of steel. The tops are available in Chroma, Ipe wood, Thermally Modified Ash wood and steel.

Pixel Collection block components and materials

Maglin Product Builder

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the Pixel Collection