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Thermally Modified Ash: Durable, Elegant, and Sustainable

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Dec 5, 2023

Maglin now proudly offers Thermally Modified Ash for almost all products where wood surfaces are available. So, why specify site furniture in Thermally Modified Ash? Beyond its stunning appearance, this wood offers a sustainable, durable alternative to traditional tropical hardwoods, sourced and treated right here in North America.

Sustainable Sourcing: From North American Forests to Your Space

Our Thermally Modified Ash wood hails from sustainably managed forests in North America. Certified by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), the wood is processed in a facility located right here in North America, ensuring quality and eco-conscious practices from start to finish.

Linger, Laugh, Luxuriate. The streamlined elegance of the L-Series Collection of Tables and Benches is beautifully accentuated by the use of Thermal Ash.

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The Process: Enhancing Wood through Heat and Steam

Thermally Modified Ash wood undergoes a transformative process, subjected to temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Using only heat and steam, the material is modified through an environmentally friendly, chemical-free process. By solely employing heat and steam, the wood’s characteristics are enhanced, boosting its properties without introducing harmful chemicals.

Thermal Ash offers a sustainable and handsome option for the highly sought-after Ogden Collection.

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Aesthetics: Uniformity, Richness, and Distinctive Grain Patterns

This wood captures attention with its uniform, rich color, and distinctive grain patterns, making it an aesthetically captivating choice for site furniture applications. As time passes, Thermally Modified Ash develops an elegant silver patina, gracefully aging and infusing furniture with character and charm. If desired, the wood’s original luster can be rejuvenated with a coat of wood oil, solely for aesthetic purposes without compromising performance.

The Iconic Collection strikes a perfect balance between classic style and modern design, further enhanced by the addition of Thermal Ash, elevating the elegance of its benches and tables.

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Enduring Strength: Decay Resistance and Dimensional Stability

The thermal modification process results in a product that retains less water, becoming more rot resistant and less susceptible to expansion and contraction from environmental conditions.

Thermal Ash was the wood of choice for this waterside custom amphitheater at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. 

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Thermally Modified Ash reflects Maglin’s commitment to seeking durable and more sustainable material choices. By making it available across our entire wood product line, we aim to offer you sustainable, long-lasting, and visually appealing options for your site furniture needs.

Curious for a closer look at our materials? Get in touch with us today to request samples of our Thermally Modified Ash and other materials.

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