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Common Warranty Issues With Site Furniture

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Nov 24, 2023

Ensuring Longevity and Warranty Compliance in Site Furniture Installations

Contractors play a pivotal role in delivering quality projects, making proactive management of potential warranty concerns in site furniture installations crucial. Understanding common issues is key to ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining installation integrity. There are three main areas to carefully consider when installing Site Furniture products from Maglin.

Paint / Coating Failure

Site Furniture’s metal components often have protective coating or paint finishes to enhance appearance and prevent corrosion. Issues can arise when coatings fail prematurely, leading to rust or an unattractive appearance. Damage to coatings may be caused by:

  • Dragging furniture across rough surfaces like concrete during unboxing and onsite installation. This wear or chipping compromises the protective finish, allowing rust formation.
  • Drilling new holes into metal components instead of using existing pre-drilled holes damages the protective coating, impacting its performance and voiding warranty requirements.

Assembly and Installation

Assembly and installation significantly impact the longevity and performance of site furniture. If furniture is not installed correctly, it can lead to alignment issues, wobbling, and other problems that may require warranty support. Also, structural issues such as loose bolts, fractured components, or unstable seating can compromise safety and functionality and lead to warranty claims. To prevent damage during assembly and installation:

  • Follow the provided installation instructions to ensure proper assembly of modular products. If you have any questions during the installation process, contact us!
  • Ensure surface mount or direct burial products are installed on an appropriately prepared surface.
  • Always use fasteners provided for component assembly – stainless steel bolts for anchoring/mounting are recommended.

Vandalism and Theft

Street furniture is vulnerable to vandalism and theft and warranty claims may arise when such incidents occur. Minimize these risks during installation by:

  • Securing the perimeter of the site with fencing to prevent vandalism during construction.
  • Using Stainless Steel Tamperproof Anchors (such as those available from Maglin) for surface mount installed products like bike racks and benches. These anchors provide higher security compared to standard hardware.

By addressing these common warranty issues proactively, we can enhance the longevity and performance of our site furniture leading to greater client satisfaction and project success.

Your local Maglin representative is ready to assist you with your unique project and any installation or product questions you may have.