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New Looks for the ALUM Collection

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Feb 8, 2024

New Looks for the ALUM Collection: The Chaise Lounge & New Patterns

A fresh year beckons for a fresh look. When we launched ALUM in 2021, we anticipated the allure of the collection’s lithe lines and resilient design. Now, in 2024, we’re introducing new elements that continue to set the standard for how fashionable and functional come together outdoors.

The ALUM Chaise Lounge

Put your feet up, grab a book, and settle into the ALUM Chaise Lounge. This addition is all about offering a relaxed and supportive outdoor experience, perfect for poolside and waterfront recreational spaces. Starting from a single sheet of aluminum, the ALUM Chaise Lounge is a testament to the blend of minimalist design and functionality that defines the entire collection.

Captivating Audiences at ASLA 2023

Unveiled in Minneapolis at the 2023 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture EXPO, the ALUM Collection stole looks and became a haven for weary attendees. Visitors to our booth were drawn to ALUM’s perfect blend of lean and support, creating an ideal spot for relaxation.

Despite its slim, lightweight appearance, this chaise lounge is substantial enough to stay firmly in place, even on a rooftop terrace. Offering versatility to match your preferences, the ALUM Chaise can either be surface-mounted for a grounded feel or kept freestanding for a flexible setup.

Recline in Style

Attendees couldn’t resist sitting in the ALUM Chaise, and for good reason. The open sides provide graceful and safe access to the lounger and make exiting a breeze. Crafted with precision, the strategically placed bend behind the knees offers a comfort that hits just the right spot. The angle of recline garnered praise for its comfort and relaxation.

New ALUM Collection Patterns

Adding another layer of sophistication, the ALUM Collection introduces two striking new lasercut patterns – Fusion and Summit – joining the existing Prosecco and Empire. These patterns, not only beautiful in their own right, coordinate with the ROMA Sun Shade and FLEXX Collection, allowing you to create a harmonious and cohesive space.

Beyond aesthetics, our lasercut patterns serve a dual purpose – they’re not just eye-catching but also function as drainage channels. Coupled with anti-corrosive coatings, this ensures ALUM’s resilience against rust, making it a reliable choice for enduring outdoor allure.

  • ALUM Patterns - Empire
  • ALUM Patterns - Fusion
  • ALUM Patterns - Prosecco
  • ALUM Patterns - Summit