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Site Furniture Selection and EPDs

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Jul 14, 2022

How does your site furniture selection affect the environment?

The only real way to know is to measure. 

And for that, you can trust Environmental Product Declarations. Like the nutritional information on food labels, EPDs show in detail exactly what our products are made of and how they impact the environment throughout their lifecycle.

Maglin now offers EPDs for all bike racks, benches, tables & seating, waste & recycling containers, and modular collections. As with all our product resources, they’re easy to download, so you can access them whenever you need them.

Visit our product data resource library to download EPDs.

Credible, concise, and critical environmental data at a glance

An EPD is a disclosure tool that helps you better understand a product’s sustainable qualities and environmental impacts to make more informed product selections.

Third-party reviewed and verified, these documents capture the environmental impacts over the entire lifecycle of Maglin products, from resource extraction or harvesting, to processing, manufacturing, transportation, use, and end-of-life.

Building sustainability into your site is important to you

Whether you’re a landscape architect, designer, architect, or contractor, we know sustainability is front of mind for you. Your practice incorporates sustainability for the health of local ecosystems, the planet as a whole, and the communities that enjoy your spaces.

Site Furniture EPDs help you quantify the environmental impact of your project. Moreover, they allow you to specify more environmentally sound products and achieve EPD and Lifecycle Assessment credits for certification schemes, such as LEED®, SITES®, Green Globes™, and BREEAM®.

Product is what represents us

Our investment in EPDs will help us become a more sustainable company. That means continually assessing the climate footprint of all aspects of our products and manufacturing processes to determine where our impacts are highest and actively work to reduce them.

“We are inspired by our partners in the landscape and building sectors who are making sustainability a priority and striving for carbon neutrality in their projects,” says Ian McAskile, President and CEO of Maglin Site Furniture. “Offering Environmental Product Declarations is one step we are taking to solidify our commitment to sustainability and reinforce it as a core pillar of our business.”