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Top Five Tips for Creating a Rooftop Deck

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Dec 7, 2020

Rooftop decks have emerged as highly coveted and beloved spaces for residents of dense urban areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, outdoor rooftop spaces will remain desirable for current and prospective residents beyond the global health crisis. Access to the outdoors positively impacts mental health, provides space to create community, exercise and meditate, plant gardens and grow food. In cities where street-level greenspace and parkland are scarce or at-a-premium, rooftop decks can be lifelines for people living in mid and high-rise buildings. However, they require some special consideration because of their location.

  1. Measure Twice: Whether you are building new or retrofitting, you must ensure that your roof is designed to handle “dead loads” (the actual roofing system and structure) as well as “live loads” (people, furniture, planters, privacy panels, etc.) Working with a licensed and certified engineer is the best first step.
  2. UV Rays: Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, UV rays will impact the surfaces and accessories on a rooftop deck. To ensure the longevity of your patio surfaces and furniture, consider using UV-resistant materials and a UV-inhibiting finish on wood elements.
  3. Wind Force: Rooftop elevations can be subject to wind forces much greater than what would be experienced on a ground or main-level deck. As such, furniture should be designed for the outdoors and of a commercial quality to be weighted enough not to blow away. Also, commercial quality site furniture is often designed to be bolted down if necessary.
  4. Adapting to Essential Equipment: With or without a rooftop patio, rooftops house mechanical essentials that preserve the building’s health and safety. To maintain your rooftop patio’s design integrity, install planters or privacy panels to screen necessary but unsightly equipment. This serves a dual function of adding architectural beauty and greenery to your space while separating users from elements like HVAC systems and other structural and mechanical necessities.
  5. Safe Distancing: To avoid unsafe crowding, spread out groups of site furniture to allow both individuals and household bubbles to enjoy the outdoor space while keeping a safe and comfortable distance. Select site furnishings that can be used by individuals or families to establish safe and private comfort zones.

The experts at Maglin Site Furniture can help recommend stylish and durable furniture configurations that are perfect for rooftop decks and patios.