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Meet the Mellows: New Powdercoat Colors!

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Jan 16, 2024

Our latest palette of powdercoat colors includes nature-inspired hues, both calming and inspiring.

Reseda Green (RAL 6011)

A rejuvenating herbaceous shade that embodies renewal and serenity. This color seamlessly harmonizes with the natural surroundings, inviting a sense of comfort and peace. Plus, it looks fantastic when paired with wood, adding an extra layer of warmth and natural appeal.

Pastel Blue (RAL 5024)

Dive into the calming depths of Pastel Blue. This hue embodies tranquility, balance, and softness, creating a serene atmosphere and offering a laid-back retreat for those seeking a moment of quiet contemplation amid a bustling environment.

Violet Blue (RAL 5000)

Passionate and captivating, it mirrors the evening sky, with the color transitioning as stars emerge, infusing spaces with a touch of sophistication. Make your space a canvas of wonder with Violet Blue, because who says site furniture can’t be a little enchanting?

Saffron Yellow (RAL 1017)

This golden hue is more than a color; it represents culture, history, and art. Luxurious and sophisticated, it radiates vitality, warmth, and passion, stimulating happiness and positivity. Its radiance illuminates any space and leaves an indelible mark on our senses.

Powdercoat Colors

All Maglin Powdercoat colors are designed specifically for outdoor use with high UV resistance and protection from impact and corrosion.

Download our color chart or request a paint deck to choose the right hue!

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