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Planning for the holidays

The beginning of autumn often brings cooler nights, back to school shopping and visits to the pumpkin patch. But for some, it also marks the beginning of the winter holiday season.

Those in the retail industry know all too well that November and December can make or break their year. It can account for up to 30% of annual sales! While it’s still too early to string up the lights and sing Jingle Bells, now is time to plan for the busiest retail season of all.

The holiday season is hectic for both retailers and shoppers.

Out of 500 holiday shoppers surveyed, 96% said they feel some form of anxiety about holiday shopping. Of the reasons why, 38% said “store crowds/full parking lots/long lines” caused their worry.i What can retailers do to combat these customer anxieties?

Ramping up customer service efforts is a great place to start. But some retailers and malls are taking things a step further. In combination with traditional holiday decorations and events, many retail outlets are finding innovative ways to create the cozy and relaxing atmosphere that holiday shoppers long for. For instance, Toronto’s Eaton Centre created the Urban Lodge, “billed as a “high-tech meets cozy après ski” resting place with free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations.”ii What more could a weary shopper ask for?
Holiday Shopping

Offering a space to rest and recharge during the busy season is key to providing a pleasant shopping experience. Attractive and comfortable amenities entice shoppers and create a welcoming atmosphere. “We feel that Maglin’s site amenities are a key component to creating engaging spaces,” says Jill Roberts, Sales Manager at Maglin Site Furniture. “Our seating options are designed with comfort and support in mind.”

Many of Maglin’s site amenities have contributed to environments that improve the customer experience. The Foro table and chair series can be found in Cincinnati’s Liberty Center, while more traditional bench seating solutions have been installed at Atlanta’s Emory Point. Both centers are known for their comfortable atmospheres that help put customers at ease, even during the busiest of shopping seasons.

MLB1200-W Emory Point, Atlanta GA

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