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Surfing the Silver Tsunami
Surfing the Silver Tsunami
In the years between 1943 and 1960 North America experienced an era of propsperity and hope. As marriage and employment rates went up, close to 85 million babies were born in North America. The Baby Boom generation had arrived.

The Boomers were the first generation to really embrace their individuality and spending power at a young age. Some say that by sheer numbers, they became the most influential generation in US history. It is estimated that in less than 15 years more than 20% of the population will be over 65. The Baby Boomers aren’t babies anymore!

The Boomer generation is hitting retirement age. What does that mean to society? Some say this could cause a Silver Tsunami.

In recent years we have started to see life expectancy increase. It is possible that by 2030 the average person will live to be 110. This is great news, but where is everyone going to live?

Opportunity is emerging from this demographic shift. A survey of US senior facility leaders said 75% are likely to pursue a construction project in 2017 ( Construction is booming!
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Many senior housing experts understand Baby Boomers are not going to accept “cookie cutter” retirement homes. They want options and features: larger suites, high-end spas, putting greens, landscaped gardens and parks, and modern stylish site furnishings. They want to feel at home.

On the other end of the spectrum, long term care facilities are preparing for more constant care residents. These facilities are going to see increased traffic, inevitably putting stress on buildings and fixtures. Upkeep and maintenance will become a bigger concern, and LTC facilities will rely on amenities to withstand hard use.

Kontur Stools with 1050 Bar Height Table Maglin Site Furniture has long supplied senior and assisted living facilities. “Our seating options are designed to work in and withstand many different environments. We understand what the industry needs,” says Jill Roberts, Sales Manager at Maglin. “And we are proud to offer our latest Foro and 1050 series products that satisfy many needs, without sacrificing style.” Maglin takes a balanced approach to public furnishing. Seating can be moveable or built-in. It can provide informal outdoor seating, or comfortable indoor benches and tables, all while retaining environmental integrity.

A retirement home may consider the furnishing’s style and functionality. Baby Boomers want furniture that can be found in a café or park - moveable, stylish and designed to appeal to the modern eye. They want freedom of choice – to move a chair into the sun, or gather around a bar height table while socializing.

Long term care facilities have slightly different priorities when it comes to site furnishings. Safety and durability is very important; having the ability to secure a bench on the spot, or add a center-arm for stability is invaluable. As more facilities utilize outdoor healing gardens, it is vital that outdoor seating can handle the elements. If long term care and senior living facilities are going to support the Silver Tsunami; while considering safety, the need for stylish, yet strong products make Maglin Site Furniture the perfect fit.

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