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Patient satisfaction is the heart of the Canadian healthcare industry. And it’s more than just a trend; it’s a driving factor to success. With patients expecting partnerships with their doctors, healthcare providers are taking a holistic approach to healing. As a result, medical facilities are finding ways to help expedite both quality medical treatment and positive experiences for patients.

How can healthcare facilities support patient-centred care? How can they provide positive patient experiences? It’s long been known that spending time outdoors is good for the spirit and studies show that exposure to natural light can decrease pain and hasten recovery.i Healthcare facilities are embracing outdoor natural settings as a place for patients to find respite from the stress of treatment and recovery.

Humber River Hospital
Quinn Design Associates Inc., a Toronto based landscape architecture and urban design firm has a reputation for providing excellent healthcare design. Gregory Hill, the firm’s Senior Associate/General Manager, explains "Attractive and accessible green landscapes, which are more ‘garden like’ than institutional landscapes, encourage patients, along with their friends and family, to get out of their rooms and enjoy nature." Quinn Design brought this progressive approach to Toronto’s new Humber River Hospital, Wilson Site.

Opening its doors in October 2015, Humber River Hospital, Wilson Site aligns with the shift toward comprehensive patient care, "Humber River Hospital believes health, health care, and the environment are inextricably linked."ii Amongst the facility’s tree-lined streets and landscaped plaza, Quinn Design created garden space featuring native and medicinal plants.iii This outdoor space required specific amenities. Hill explains, "From a furnishings standpoint there were requirements for durable, comfortable, stylish and reasonably priced furniture." Maglin Site Furniture was able to provide all of that, and more!
MLB700-W-A - Humber River Hospital

Quinn Design and Maglin have partnered on various projects. "We have specified Maglin benches and accessories for many of our projects largely because their products are attractive, durable and available in a wide range of styles to suit nearly any architectural or site context. We have always found the staff at Maglin to be very approachable and responsive, usually providing a response to an inquiry immediately or in a very short period", stated Hill.

Maglin was excited to be part of the Humber River Hospital project. "We are pleased to work with Quinn Design on this great project, and to play an important role towards improved patient health", says Jill Roberts, Sales Manager at Maglin. "Our products are flexible, strong and are made of excellent quality. Our seating options are designed with comfort and support in mind, while maintaining styles that shift seamlessly from one environment to another. Options like center arms and wheelchair accessible tables make our products perfect for any facility." Hill agrees, "Maglin was able to fulfil the requirements as well as provide us with bariatric capacity evidence and customized curved seating modules for the large shade structure in the south plaza space."

MLB700-W-A - Humber River Hospital

Expect to see growth in the use of green space. Designers will continue to meet the expanding demands of the medical community. "One design direction which we believe is more than a trend is the vision of nature and the landscape as an important aspect of the healing process. Most patient rooms are also now designed to include a view of some green, be it the landscape or a green roof," says Gregory Hill.

Outdoor environments require products that can handle environmental demands. The high quality and range of products, as well as a reputation for excellent customer service, makes Maglin a perfect fit for the healthcare industry.

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