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MLWR650-32 Series Trash Container
MLWR650-32-M-L4-LBE Trash Container
Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L4-LBE Trash Container Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L2-LGR  Trash Container
Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L2-LGR  Trash Container Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L4-LBE Trash Container
Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L2-LGR  Trash Container Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L2-LBE Trash Container
Maglin MLWR650-32-M Trash Container Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L5-LBE with Recycle Label
Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L5-LBE Trash Container Maglin MLWR650-32-M-L5-LGR Trash Container
Trash Container, Metal, Laser Design 2, Green Liner - MLWR650-32-M-L2

MLWR650-32 Trash Container

 is constructed using laser cut sheet metal. This trash container features a side opening door for easier trash removal. A 32 gallon commercial grade plastic liner and spun metal lid are provided. The liners are available in 3 colors - Blue, Black and Green. The trash container is also available with waste and recycling labels.
Height: 41.3" (104.9cm)
Diameter: 23.9" (60.6cm)
MLWR650-32-M: 151.6lbs (69kg.)
MLWR650-32-M-L2: 147.25lbs (66.8kg.)
MLWR650-32-M-L4: 147.58lbs (66.9kg.)
MLWR650-32-M-L5: 146.78lbs (66.6kg.)
All steel components are protected with E-Coat Rust Proofing. The Maglin Powdercoat System provides a durable finish on all metal surfaces.
The MLWR650-32 Series Trash Containers are delivered pre-assembled. Holes (0.5") are provided in each mounting foot for securing to base.
Select material to display a larger image:
(*shown with black liner)
Model: MLWR650-32-M-LBK
MLWR650-32-M MLWR650-32-M-L2 MLWR650-32-M-L4
Metal Sides Metal Laser 2 Metal Laser 4
Metal Laser 5    
Mandatory Options:
Green Liner Black Liner Blue Liner
Green Liner Black Liner Blue Liner

Gloss Powdercoat Colors

FINE TEXTURED (matte finish)
Fine Textured Powdercoat Colors

*Fine Textured paint is available for an upcharge
**Vinyl graphics are not recommended on Fine Textured Powdercoat

Refer to Resources/Powdercoat Colors for full color chart
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