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Maglin Site Furniture shapes your environment, and we want to keep it healthy.

At Maglin we understand our products become part of the natural and built environment and we want to have a positive impact on both. As we aim to keep the natural environment healthy, we are also considering the health of all people. We want to care for the spaces our products occupy and the people who will enjoy them. This effort to care for the environment will help preserve healthy spaces for the generations to come.

We have initiated our plan to shape our future actions through 3 overarching environmental pillars; People, Place, and Product.


People are at the center of what we do, and we believe that protecting the environment starts with the choices we make. We will support this philosophy through teaching, equipping, and encouraging our staff to make more sustainable choices.


Place is where work happens. As we utilize our facility, we commit to making strides to reduce energy usage, water, transportation, resources, and waste as we adopt Zero Waste principles and continue to reduce our Carbon Footprint.


Product is what represents us. We believe we should be responsible for the full lifecycle of our products – from how they are made to where they end up. This starts with the creation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to improve our product transparency – materials and manufacturing. As we begin this endeavor, we recognize it will require a long-term commitment of continually reassessing all aspects of our production and beyond.

Let's Build Together

Start planning your space with us today and see exactly how the bonds we build with our clients are as strong and lasting as the furniture we stand behind.