1500 Series

Lexicon Trash Container

Maglin can help support your site’s waste diversion initiatives with the sleek 1500 Series – Lexicon Trash Container. The single stream Lexicon receptacle features locking door panels for easy emptying and come with 32-gallon commercial-grade plastic liners. Optional vinyl graphics and rain shields are available.

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Material Options
  • Laser Cut and Formed Steel
  • 1 Stream - 1 x 32 gallons
  • Rain Shield
  • Vinyl Graphics

All steel components are protected with E-Coat Rust Proofing. The Maglin Powdercoat System provides a durable finish on all metal surfaces.


The 1500 Series - Lexicon trash container is delivered pre-assembled. Holes (9/16") are provided in each mounting foot for securing to base.

Laser Cut and Formed Steel
No Rain Shield
Length: 24.9” (63.2cm)
Height: 37” (94.0cm)
Depth: 19” (48.3cm)
Weight: 143lbs (64.9kg)
Laser Cut and Formed Steel
Rain Shield
Length: 24.9” (63.2cm)
Height: 47.5” (120.7cm)
Depth: 19” (48.3cm)
Weight: 168.1lbs (76.2kg)