100 Series

100 Skate Deterrent – Bench Mount

Unassuming yet effective, the beveled 100 Series Skate Deterrent keeps skateboarders at bay and is compatible with many standard Maglin benches. This deterrent is constructed from 100% recycled aluminum.

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Material Options
  • Cast Aluminum

The Skate Deterrent is available in all of Maglin's powdercoat colors or the natural aluminum may be showcased with its sand-blasted finish.


The 100 Series Skate Deterrent features a unique key system insuring superior impact and tamper resistant installation. Compatible with a full bull-nose; a standard bench slat for several Maglin Products. These benches include: 100 Series - 100 bench, 700 Series - 720 benches.

Cast Aluminum
Image Model Description Height Width
Silver Object MBE-0100-00150 100 Series - 100 Skate Deterrent: Cast Aluminum, Bench Mount 0.8” (1.9cm) 1.5” (3.8cm)