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MTB500 Series Bollard
MTB500-B1 Bollard
Maglin MTB500-B1 Base Type 1 Bollard Maglin MTB500-B1 Base Type 1 Bollard
Maglin MTB500-B2 Base Type 2 Bollard Maglin MTB500-B3 Base Type 3 Bollard
Maglin MTB500-B4 Base Type 4 Bollard Maglin MTB500-B4-SG Base Type 4 Bollard with Swing Gate
Bollard, Base Type 1 - MTB500-B1

MTB500 Series Bollard

 is constructed of 4.50" (11.4cm) diameter H.S. steel tube. Forged steel eye bolts are optional.
• Eye bolts for chain
• Swing gate (MTB500-B4 only)
MTB500-B1 MTB500-B2 MTB500-B3 MTB500-B4
Height: 34.5" (87.6cm) Height: 34.5" (87.6cm) Height: 34.5" (87.6cm) Height: 34.5" (87.6cm)
Diameter: 4.5" (11.4cm) Diameter: 4.5" (11.4cm) Diameter: 4.5" (11.4cm) Diameter: 4.5" (11.4cm)
Weight: 47.44lbs (21.52kg.) Weight: 32.66lbs (14.8kg.) Weight: 32.93lbs (14.9kg.) Weight: 45.51lbs (20.6kg.)
All steel components are protected with E-Coat Rust Proofing. The Maglin Powdercoat System provides a durable finish on all metal surfaces.
Base Type - B1 Bollard is supplied with additional 18” of tubing to be set in concrete. Bollard is permanently fixed in place.
Base Type - B2 Threaded rod is set into concrete. Bollard is screwed onto rod and tightened. For use in existing concrete or where bollard may need to be removed frequently.
Base Type - B3 Threaded anchor is set into concrete and the bollard is screwed into the anchor. To prevent debris from accumulating in the opening while the bollard is removed, a plug is supplied. The plug also protects the anchor threads. For use when bollard is removed for long periods.
Base Type - B4 Base tubing sleeve is set into concrete. Bollard slides over sleeve and is fastened together by a pin through the outer and inner tubes. A padlock can be used to lock the bollard in position. This bollard type is easy to remove frequently.
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Model: MTB500-B1
MTB500-B1 Bollard with Base Type 1
MTB500-B1 Base Type 1 MTB500-B2 Base Type 2 MTB500-B3 Base Type 3
Base Type 1 Base Type 2 Base Type 3
MTB500-B4 Base Type 4    
Base Type 4    
Reflective Tape Eye Bolts Swing Gate
Reflective Tape Eye Bolts Swing Gate

Gloss Powdercoat Colors

FINE TEXTURED (matte finish)
Fine Textured Powdercoat Colors

*Fine Textured paint is available for an upcharge
**Vinyl graphics are not recommended on Fine Textured Powdercoat

Refer to Resources/Powdercoat Colors for full color chart
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