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Bench, Metal, Laser Design 3 - MLB450-M-L3

MLB450 Series Bench

 ends are made from H.S. steel tube and flat bar. The MLB450-W seat and back employ Ipe wood slats. The MLB450-M seat is made from H.S. steel and flat bar. The back is constructed using lasered steel planels or H.S. steel. The MLB450 is also available with recycled plastic slats in cedar, brown or grey colors.
• Skate Deterrent
• Plaques - Learn more about our corian, aluminum and bronze plaques
Ipe Wood
MLB450-M (L1, L2, L3)
Metal - Laser Design
Recycled Plastic - Wood grain
Height: 36.13" (91.7cm)
Length: 72.75" (184.8cm)
Depth: 25.5" (64.8cm)
Seat: 18 3/8" (46.5cm)
Height: 36.13" (91.7cm)
Length: 70.00" (177.8cm)
Depth: 24.13" (61.3cm)
Seat: 18 3/8" (46.7cm)
Height: 36.13" (91.7cm)
Length: 72.00" (182.7cm)
Depth: 25.5" (64.7cm)
Seat: 18.25" (46.4cm)
MLB450-W: 158.88lbs (72.1kg.)
MLB450-M: 186.30lbs (61.3kg.)
MLB450-R: 156.66lbs (71.1kg.)
All steel components are protected with E-Coat Rust Proofing. The Maglin Powdercoat System provides a durable finish on all metal surfaces. Ipe wood slats are finished with penetrating sealers.
The MLB450 Series Park Benches are delivered pre-assembled. Holes (0.5") are provided in each foot for securing to base.
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(RP = Recycled Plastic)
Model: MLB450-W
Ipe Wood Recycled Plastic - Cedar Recycled Plastic - Grey
Ipe Wood Cedar RP Grey RP
Recycled Plastic - Brown
Brown RP
Laser Design 1 Laser Design 2
Metal - L1 Metal - L2
Laser Design 3    
Metal - L3
Bronze Plaque Aluminum Plaque Corian Plaque
Bronze Plaque Aluminum Plaque Corian Plaque
MSD300 Skate Deterrent    
Skate Deterrent    

Gloss Powdercoat Colors

FINE TEXTURED (matte finish)
Fine Textured Powdercoat Colors

*Fine Textured paint is available for an upcharge
**Vinyl graphics are not recommended on Fine Textured Powdercoat

Refer to Resources/Powdercoat Colors for full color chart

Metal Wood Recycled Plastic (HDPE) - Wood Grain Appearance
Metal Wood - Ipe Recycled Plastic - Wood Grain
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