1800 Series

Battery Café and Lounge Tables

Connect guests in any way you like - Battery Tables pair well with almost any environment, providing backyard comfort and tranquility to public spaces, private gatherings-and everything in between. The Café Table can accommodate four seats; Lounge Tables are movable and function as a two-person side table or footrest. Battery Collection Tables are made using mild steel and stainless steel-which are both 100% recyclable. The top surface is steel with a pattern of holes.

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Material Options
  • Steel
  • Café Table
  • Lounge Table

All steel components are protected with E-Coat Rust Proofing. The Maglin Powdercoat System provides a durable finish on all metal surfaces.


The 1800 Series - Battery Café and Lounge Table come pre-assembled. Four leveling feet are provided with the café table.

Standard Height, Café Table
Height: 29” (73.7cm)
Diameter: 36” (91.4cm)
Weight: 125lbs (56.7kg)
Lounge Height, Lounge Table
Length: 20” (50.8cm)
Width: 16” (40.6cm)
Height: 15.5” (39.4cm)
Weight: 8.8lbs (4.0kg)