Maglin Site Furniture
Environmental Statement

Maglin Site Furniture lives outdoors - and we want to keep it healthy.

The Maglin Site Furniture commitment to quality is about more than the products we make - it's about how we make them. You receive superior long-term performance and the environment gets a break.

By using many high quality recycled materials, wood from managed forests, lead free e-coating and solvent-free powdercoating, we produce distinctive public site furniture - many recyclable themselves - that meet and exceed sustainability goals.

Metals and Finishes:
Metal is the world's most recycled material and is fully recyclable. Our aluminum casting components contain 95% recycled content (57% post consumer, 38% post industrial).

Steel components are electrocoated (E-coated) - the same process used by the automotive industry because of its proven durability and rust protection. Maglin's E-coating process uses lead-free paint and chrome-free sealers in a closed system - significantly reducing hazardous emissions. E-coating contains no heavy metals, low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), no HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and produces minimal solid waste.

Completing the Maglin coating system is our powdercoat finish. Powder paints help reduce waste because it adheres better than liquid. Unused or over-sprayed powder can be recovered, so the minimal waste can be disposed of easily and safely. Unlike liquid paint, solvents are not used, therefore, only negligible amounts of VOC's are released into the air.

Ipe is a high quality Brazilian hardwood used by Maglin. Maglin's reputable suppliers utilize sustainable forestry practices that promote development in the Amazon forest and preserve the structure, biodiversity and ecological functions of the tropical rain forest. Ipe is harvested from expertly managed sustained-yield forests. All the stages from the cut to the reafforestation are regulated by federal law #4771 (Forest Code) and by the Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Resources.

Wood Alternates:
Many of our products are also available with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). We are constantly researching alternative materials that can be incorporated into our products. For example, paper laminate.

Paper Composite:
High Density Paper Composite component parts are quite simple and friendly to the earth. It is created using FSC-certified 100% post-consumer recycled paper saturated with proprietary pheolic resins containing natural ingredients. Once saturated, the sheets are fused together under heat and pressure. This cross-links the resin polymer in all three directions producing a dense, homogeneous and essentially non-porous composite product. Ordinary paper is transformed into an extremely strong and durable solid surface material with incredible longevity. HDPC has a class A fire and smoke rating. It is heat resistant to 350°F.

The heavy-duty plastic of our 20 and 32 gallon trash container liners contain 100% pre consumer recycled content.

Vehicle Emissions:
We give preference to local suppliers to reduce the impact of transportation on our environment. Freight loads and deliveries are coordinated to maximize truck capacity. We also utilize rail transit when available.

Our products are covered with a biodegradable plastic furniture sleeve and protected with corrugated cardboard (100% recycled content). Shipping skids are manufactured with recycled components.

General Office:
We recycle all beverage containers, waste office paper, boxboard, corrugated cardboard and printer cartridges. We pride ourselves on the limited amount of paper used in the office and we encourage the use of electronic correspondence as much as possible. Marketing materials and collateral are printed on paper with recycled and FSC certified content. We maximize the use of online web meetings to facilitate webinars and presentations. This limits the amount of air travel required by our staff. Large floor to ceiling windows within our facility maximize natural light.

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