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Modular Planters

Modular planters bloom with possibility

Introducing CANOE, the modular planter system that liberates your creativity and lets you craft expressive urban landscape elements for outdoor spaces like streetscapes, roof decks, parks, and courtyards.

CANOE’s versatile sections create continuous planter channels that connect to form sleek lines, sweeping curves, or dramatic turns at precise angles of 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees. Integrate customized commercial planters and modular bench seating into any space, without the constraints and expense of custom fabrication.

Curate verdant spaces throughout your design, bringing people closer to nature with intimate pockets of greenery and vibrant blooms. With CANOE, you can integrate modular bench seating for functionality and to form a natural gathering spot, further enriching your space.

CANOE isn’t just a planter, it’s a design partner. Building upon the legacy of Maglin’s top selling modular collections like Ogden and Pixel, CANOE offers the same intuitive design experience you know and love. Unleash your creativity and shape spaces that foster connections with nature, inspire interaction and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Maglin Product Builder

Design your unique Ogden layout with backed, backless, circular, curved or straight options. Use the interactive platform to select, build, visualize, and confirm your selected components before placing an order.

  • CANOE modular planter with integrated bench seating
  • 3 FT Straight CANOE planter with cantilever bench
  • Curved CANOE modular planter in black powdercoat
  • Straight CANOE modular planter with bench seating in reseda green
  • Powdercoat Red CANOE planters with bench seating

Integrated Seating for Urban Landscaping

Incorporate Ogden bench seating directly on the CANOE modular planter base or cantilevered along the sides. This creates comfortable resting spots amidst your greenery and complements other Ogden elements in your site plan for a cohesive aesthetic. Choose from durable seat materials in Thermally Modified Ash, Ipe, or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These modular benches offer practical outdoor seating solutions that integrates seamlessly with your commercial planters, enhancing urban landscaping projects.

Elegant Design Details for Urban Beautification

CANOE modular planters boasts an elegant, finished look with its distinctive rolled edge, making it perfect for urban beautification projects.  For an extra touch of warmth, opt for a beautiful wood trim in Thermally Modified Ash or Ipe. These design details enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial planters, creating a cohesive and visually appealing urban landscape.

Contact your Maglin representative to start designing your CANOE Modular Planter today!

CANOE modular components, straight sections, curved sections, corner sections and bench options

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