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How does your area need to function? Consider unifying ash and trash management. Are environmental elements an issue? Dome tops will help prevent rain and snow from gathering in the units. Are skateboarders damaging your property? Eliminate skateboard damage by installing skate deterrents on Maglin benches.

Dome Lid
Tuuci Ocean Master Umbrella
*NEW* Pairs well with Maglin's Foro tables, Kontur table and MLPT400

Tuuci Ocean Master
Kontur Umbrella Weighted Base
*NEW* Stand alone or pair with the Kontur table

Kontur Umbrella Base
MDL-20 Dome Lid - accessory to MLWR200-20 waste container
Accessory to MLWR200-20 waste container

Dome Lid
MDL-32 Dome Lid - accessory to MLWR200-32 and MLWR250-32 waste containers
Accessory to MLWR200-32,
MLWR250-32 waste containers

Dome Lid
MDL-7 Dome Lid for 700 Series trash containers
Accessory to MLWR700-32 waste container

MDL-7 Series
Dome Lid
100 Series Side Ash Receptacle
Wall-mounted, attached to waste container installation available

100 Series
Side Ash Receptacle
300 Series Skate Deterrent
Accessory to MLB400, MLB450, MLB970, benches

300 Series
Skate Deterrent
200 Series Skate Deterrent
Accessory to MLB300, MLB310 benches

200 Series
Skate Deterrent
100 Series Skate Deterrent
Accessory to HBSP, MLB700/B, MLB100, MLB720/B/BL/L benches

100 Series
Skate Deterrent
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