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Plaques are available for installation on many Maglin products for promotional, memorial and dedication purposes. Whenever possible, plaques are flush mounted to ensure comfort. Contact us for details on the best way to personalize your Maglin products.
Bronze, Corian and Aluminum Plaques

Standard Design Guidelines
Corian Plaque
  • 1-color (black) text-only imprint (logos and additional colors available)   • 5.875" w x 2.125" h • custom sizes are available
  • available corian colors - glacier white, sandstone, midnight, dusk   • 16pt font minimum using standard Word fonts
Corian Plaque Colors
Bronze/Aluminum Plaque
  • aluminum plaque available with black background   • 30pt font minimum using standard Word fonts
  • bronze plaque available with dark brown background   • logos, additional colors and custom sizes are available
Bronze, Corian and Aluminum Plaques

York University Plaque
York University Glacier White Plaque York University Glacier White Plaque Downtown Sudbury Plaque British Columbia Dusk Plaque MLB300MH Bench with Glacier Plaque MLB970M Bench with Glacier Plaque MLB700AW Bench with Midnight Plaque Maglin Standard Corian Plaques Cast Bronze Maglin Plaque Cast Aluminum Maglin Plaque
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