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Maglin uses plastic lumber from recycled High-Density Polyethylene, creating a durable environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lumber.

Recycled plastic lumber does not incorporate any fillers such as wood fiber or wood flour which can absorb moisture and cause material degradation and color fading. The recycled plastics utilized in our plastic lumber is a combination of post-industrial, post-consumer regrind and wide-spec (industrial by-product) which would normally be disposed of in our landfills. It is perfect for most outdoor applications and utilized by industry, and manufacturing for OEM projects, park and recreation, government and agriculture.

Our plastic lumber is produced from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), colorants (pigments) and UV inhibitors

• Manufactured to exacting specifications and is resistant to corrosive substances, oil and fuels, insects, fungi, salt spray, and other environmental stresses.
• Does not absorb moisture and will not rot or splinter


• Long lasting and virtually maintenance free
• Never needs to be treated/painted and is resistant to most graffiti
• Does not splinter or absorb moisture
• Can be shaped using conventional woodworking methods and tools
• It is resistant to salt and acids and unaffected by termites, rodents, worms, marine parasites, or other insects
• Does not leech or bleed toxins or carcinogens into the soil or marine ecology

Recycled Plastic Panels Features Benefits

The recycled plastic panel material is comprised of a UV resistant pigment that is solid throughout the sheet allowing for less noticeable nicks or scratches, full color cut ends, and maintenance free use.
Our product is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Panel plastic can be used in an array of applications where high durability and no maintenance are desired in both wet and dry applications.

• 100% Recycled
• Vibrant Colors
• No Maintenance
• UV Stabilizing Additives
• BPA Free

• Durable
• Material contributes to LEED Points
• No VOC Off Gassing
• 100% Recyclable
• No Maintenance
• Versatility in many applications

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